Name: Shane "Matchstick" Snowden

Home: Ottawa, Kansas - USA

Occupation American Outfitters Store.

Years Flying Kites: Since 1995

What sparked your interest:
I used to live in Kansas, and a kiter buy the name of Gary Pittman introduced me to stunt kite flying. Gary really helped me learn to fly kites in the beginning, as did another kite flier by the name of David Bui (both now deceased).

And I've been hooked on kites every since then!

Since 1999, I've been traveling to most all festivals and event demos with my good friend and team mate "Troy Gunn". Since 1996 when I first met Troy, Troy has really helped me become a better sport kite competitor, especially in precision competitions.

What style kites do you fly: I prefer to fly dual line stunt kites. Although I love to team fly, I specialize in slack line trick flying and indoor flying. When the team is sponsored to perform at an event, I fly what is best for our overall team performance.

Competition Highlights:
- 1997 American Kitefliers Association Champion - "Intermediate Individual Ballet".

- 1998 American Kitefliers Association Champion - "Masters Individual Ballet".

- 1998 American Kite Circuit Champion - "Masters Individual Ballet"

- 1998 American Kite Circuit "Kite Flier of the Year".

- 2015 American Kitefliers Association Grand Nationals- "2nd place Masters Individual Ballet".

- Numerous other national and regional wins in both MIB and MIP, from 1996 thru 2015!

Major Events Attended:
- Taipei International Kite Festival in Taiwan.

- 2004 Weifang International Kite Festival in China.

- 2017 Saskpower Windscape Intl. Kite Festival, Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada.

- Spring Break Buggy Blast in Primm, NV.

- Smithsonian Kite Festival in Washington DC.

- Washington State International Kite Festival in Long Beach, WA.

- Wildwood International Kite Festival in Wildwood, NJ.

- Dead Bird Buggy Blast in Galveston, TX.

- Aerospace America Airshow in Oklahoma City, OK.

- Prairie Winds Kite Festival in Lenexa, Kansas.

- Great Lakes Sport Kite Championships in Grand Haven, Michigan.

- South Padre Island Texas Sport Kite Championships.

- Plano Texas Balloon Fest.

- Oklahoma City Balloon Fest.

- Mayfest in Fort Worth, Texas

-Numerous AKA Grand Nationals in: Santa Monica, California, Ocean Shores, Washington, Muncie, Indiana, Treasure Island, Florida, Enid, Oklahoma.....

- Etc..........

What's New? Shane just recently moved to Ottawa, Kansas, and welcomes all kite festival invitations!

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