TKO Sport Kite Team

Demonstration Schedule 2009

Below, you will see where TKO Sport Kite Team and/or some of the team's members have been invited to perform during 2009!

This schedule does not include every domestic U.S. event that the team or it's members have been invited to, or will attended.

This schedule will be updated throughout the year, so check back often for updates.

If you would like to invite all or part of TKO Sport Kite Team to your festival for demonstrations, please contact team manager Troy Gunn at: +1-940-691-8522 or

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Jan 9-14--Gujarat International Kite Festival
Ahmedabad, INDIA (invited)

Jan 31-Feb 1--SPI Kite Festival
South Padre Island, Texas - USA (invited)

Feb 16-24--14th Pasir Gudang International Kite Festival
Johor, MALAYSIA (Invited)

Mar 2--80th Zilker Park Kite Festival
Austin, Texas - USA

Mar 21--Spiro Mounds Kite Festival
Spriro, Oklahoma - USA (Invited)

Apr. 3-5-- Cloud Buster Kite Festival (4th Annual)
Perrin, Texas - USA

Apr. 16-22--26th Weifang International Kite Festival
Weifang, CHINA (Invited)

Apr. 16-22--4th World Kite Championships
Weifang, CHINA (Invited)

Apr. 24-27--Houlgate Kite Festival
Houlgate/Normandy, FRANCE (invited)

May 2-4--Hardelot-Plage International Kite Festival
Hardelot-Plage, FRANCE (invited)

May 16-17--DFW Dragon Boat, Kite, & Lantern Festival
Irving, Texas (Tentative)

May 22-25--Junction Kite Retreat
Junction, Texas - USA


June 12-15--Istanbul International Kite Festival
Istanbul, TURKEY (Invited)

June 26-30--Varoom Jamaica RC/Kite Xtravaganza
Discovery Bay, St. Anns, JAMAICA

June 27-28--Libertyfest Kite Festival
Edmond, Oklahoma - USA

Aug. 7-11--Bogata International Kite Festival
Bogata, COLOMBIA (Tentative)

Aug. 17-23--4th Borneo Intl. Kite Festival
Bintulu, Sarawak, BORNEO, MALAYSIA (Tentative)

Sep 19-20--7th Family Fun Day Kite Festival
San Francisco, California

Sep. 25-29 Taipei International Kite Festival
Taipei, TAIWAN ROC (Tentative)

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