Name: Jerry Hershey

Home: Wichita, Kansas - USA

Occupation: Computer software developer.

Years Flying Kites:
Since 1993

What sparked your interest:
In 1992, a friend brought a dual-line stunt kite to an annual 4th of July pool party. On a nearby open field, the men took turns crashing the kite and laughing at each other, while the women . . . well who cares what they did. The pool, watermelon, women, and BBQ took a definite backseat that year. On my next birthday, my wife bought me a stunt kite. After that, nearly every spare moment was spent flying. If her plan was to get rid of me, it worked! After about a week of flying that 1st kite, I went to my first kite festival--a competition. I figured I knew just about everything there was to know about kite flying, so I entered the event. I didn't walk away with any trophies (not even close), but I did walk away with three things:

1. The realization that I knew nothing about kites or kite flying.

2. An appreciation for the beauty, complexity and diversity of kites when in the hands of a master.

3. And a determination to narrow the gap between #1 and #2.

Actually, there was one more lesson I learned that day:

Always, always use sun screen!

Volunteer work in kiting:
Jerry has served in the AKA as Sport Kite Conference Commissioner for the Central Conference as well as an advisor for the Sport Kite Rules Committee.

Jerry has judged all disciplines of sport kite competitions at the local, regional, and national levels including the AKA Grand Nationals. His judging duties have included head judge and chief judge responsibilities as well as teaching judging seminars and clinics.

The AKA Manual book, "Team Flying Basics", co-authored by Jerry Hershey and Troy Gunn was written for the purpose of helping new teams get started. This book has made its way to many interested team flyers and has been distributed extensively throughout the central United States, allowing impromptu team demonstrations and "just for fun" mega-flys at any gathering. Using the material from this manual, Jerry and Troy have taught several on-field, hands-on team flying clinics and have presented team flying workshops at the AKA's national convention.

Jerry is the event organizer and sport kite competition coordinator of the Silver Wings Kite Festival held in Wichita, Kansas, USA since 1993.

What style kites do you fly?
Jerry's kite flying specialties are flying dual-line individual routines choreographed to music, and sport kite team flying, also to music. However, Jerry is interested in all aspects of kite flying and enjoys flying all types of kites. Jerry's most recognized routine is a dual line ballet routine, to the music sound track "Robin hood, Prince of Thieves".

Competition Highlights:
Jerry has been flying sport kites and competing nationally in the USA since 1993 in the following disciplines:

Individual Dual-line Precision and Ballet,�Pairs Ballet, Team Precision and Ballet,�Team Train Ballet.

Jerry also flies quad-line kites and does indoor dual-line flying. Jerry has competed or performed at most major kite festivals in the United States as well as every local and regional event in his conference area.

- AKA Grand Nationals Final Standings 2012:
3rd place - MIB
4th place - MIP

- American Kite Circuit Final Standings 1996:
1st place - EIB
3rd place - EIP

- AKA Grand Nationals Final Standings 1996:
3rd place - EIB

- AKC National - Great Lakes SKC 1996:
1st place - EIB

- American Kite Circuit Final Standings 1997:
4th place - MIB
5th place - MIP

- Numerous other National, regional, and conference wins in both Ballet and Precision, from 1995 thru 2012!

Major Events Attended:
- Taipei International Kite Festival in Taiwan.

- Weifang International Kite Festival in China.

- 2017 Saskpower Windscape Intl. Kite Festival, Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada.

- Intercontinental Kite Challenge in Guadeloupe, French West Indies.

- Washington State International Kite Festival in Long Beach, WA.

- Wildwood International Kite Festival in Wildwood, NJ.

- Aerospace America Airshow in Oklahoma City, OK.

- Prairie Winds Kite Festival in Lenexa, Kansas.

- Great Lakes Sport Kite Championships in Grand Haven, Michigan.

- South Padre Island Texas Sport Kite Championships.

- Plano Texas Balloon Fest.

- Oklahoma City Balloon Fest.

- Mayfest in Fort Worth, Texas

-Numerous AKA Grand Nationals in: Enid, Oklahoma Tulsa, Oklahoma, Santa Monica, California, Ocean Shores, Washington, Wildwood, New Jersey.

- Etc..........

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