Name: Chris Shultz

Home: North Carolina - USA

Occupation Vice President of HQ Kites - USA.

Years Flying Kites:
Since 1988

What sparked your interest:
My friend from high school and college hired me on at Kitty Hawk Kites in the summer of 1988 to work as a kite flier. Our job was to fly huge displays of single line kites and large stacks of sport kites near the store everyday. I was fortunate to work in this position for 3 summers atop Jockey's Ridge State Park in Nags Head, NC. Needless to say, I accumulated many hours behind the strings of kites and learned how to get almost anything in the air. The promise of prize money led me to become an enthusiastic sport kite competitor. After graduating from college, I inadvertently stayed in the kiting industry � as retail store manager and buyer for Kitty Hawk Kites, then as an Account Executive and Sales Manager for Premier Kites, and then as General Manager for New Tech Kites. I am now the Vice President and Sales manager for HQ Kites - USA.

What style kites do you fly: It depends on the situation and location. I really enjoy kite buggying whenever possible. My favorite sport kite is a 3-pack of Mirage "rhombus" diamonds. I have many single line kites at my disposal, as well as a massive ground display of banners, windsocks, and everyone's favorite: a bubble machine. And of course, I really enjoy team flying!

Kite Achievements:
- Kiting World Record: Flew 51 (4-foot) Peter Powell diamond stunt kites simultaneously � at the Wright Brothers National Memorial July 1993.

- Former General Manager - New Tech Kites.

- Past President of the Kite Trade Association International (KTAI).

- Organized and assisted with many national and international kite festivals and kite competitions.

� - Founding member of ECU Corsairs - First competitive collegiate sport kite team 1990.�

- Smithsonian Institution Kite Festival Committee Member, 1997-1998.�

- Wings Over Washington Kite Club � Founding member serving terms as Treasurer and President November 1995 to June 2000.

� - Co-Chairperson for National Kite Month.

- Masters Class Sport Kite Competitor (1990 � 1994).

Competition Highlights:
- Outer Banks Sport Kite Competition (OBSKC) 1990:
1st place - OIP (Open Ind. Precision).�

- Sandy Hook SKC 1991:
1st place - MIB. �

- OBSKC 1991:
1st place - MIP�

- Spring Games - Myrtle Beach 1992:
1st place - MIB
1st place - MIP �

- OBSKC 1992:
1st place - MIB
1st place - MIP �

- Spring Games - Myrtle Beach 1993:
3rd place - MIB
2nd place - MIP �

- OBSKC 1993:
1st place - MIP
2nd place - MIB�

- Old Dominion SKC 1994:
1st place - MIP �

- East Coast SKC 1994:
3rd place - MIB �

- OBSKC 1994:
2nd place - MIB
1st place - MIP�

- Eastern League Champion Runner Up - Experienced Class 1989.

- Eastern League Champion Runner Up - Master Class 1991

Major Events Attended:
- FANO Kite Meeting in FANO, Denmark.
- Taipei International Kite Festival in Taiwan ROC.
- 2006 World Kite Championships, Weifang, China.
- 2007 Adelaide Intl Kite Festival, Adelaide, Australia.
- Boogie Buggy Thang I & II in Primm, NV.
- Drax Hall Jamaica Kite Festival.
- Smithsonian Kite Festival in Washington DC.
- Washington State International Kite Festival in Long Beach, WA.
- Wildwood International Kite Festival in Wildwood, NJ.
- Maryland International Kite Festival in Ocean City, MD.
- Dead Bird Buggy Blast in Galveston, TX.
- Wright Brothers Centennial of Flight Kite Festival, Kill Devil Hills, NC.
- Many others.....

What's New? New Vice President for HQ Kites USA. Chris relocated from Austin, Texas to North Carolina in May 2008, and continues to fly with Team TKO.

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